Pepper? Really?

I know you guys already think I’m a little nutty, but ya gotta try this;
What's That On My Strawberries?
What’s That On My Strawberries?

1. Slice up a few nice ripe fresh strawberries.
2. Sprinkle them liberally with fresh ground pepper (Yup, nice multicolor or black pepper, but fresh ground works best.)
3. Wait about 5 minutes for the juices to interact with the pepper.
4. Pop a big forkful into your mouth and really taste as you chew.
Some people say it tastes of strawberry candy, others say it just amps up the strawberry flavor. But, no matter what, I think it’s an amazing and surprising combination, and I noticed that it makes the intense strawberry flavor linger long after you have swallowed them.
Let me know if you try it and what you think. Add comments below, please.