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The Vote Was 6 to 1, But The Opinion Of the Council Was Unanimous

3/16/2023 – At last night’s City Council meeting, the final re-write of Ordinance 31.04 governing the storage of RV’s, trailers, boats, busses, and other large vehicles in side and rear yards of properties within the walls of Old Litchfield Park was scheduled for a vote.

I am thrilled to report that after two years, two months, and 14 days since the subject was first brought to the attention of City Hall, the new language of the ordinance has been ratified and voted into law. The City Council voiced their unanimous support of the new wording that tightens the Code. The new language reads as follows:

Such items shall be completely screened from view of adjacent and nearby properties and the public rights-of-way and parks by a wall or fence not to exceed six feet in height AND/or dense landscaping, TO ENSURE THE EQUIPMENT IS COMPLETELY SCREENED FROM VIEW. DENSE LANDSCAPING IS NOT SUBJECT TO HEIGHT LIMITATIONS.

Although the actual vote was 6 to 1, the one “nay” was the Vice Mayor, who clearly stated that his objection was that he didn’t think the wording was strict enough, effectively passing the Ordinance unanimously.

The vote concurs with the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendation and that of City Staff, all of whom worked diligently to make the new wording a reality. This will keep Litchfield Park the unique and special community that makes it a shining jewel in the West Valley.

Older News:


At the October 11th, 2022 Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, the long-awaited vote on the re-write of Zoning Code Section 31.04 found the Commissioners in favor of tightening large vehicle and equipment storage restrictions in side and rear yards of residential properties in “Old” Litchfield Park. —–> Read more by clicking HERE!

This Text Amendment will be going to the City Council next for a final vote.

At the September meeting, the matter was tabled and continued to the October meeting for Staff to clarify some wording, but Staff is on record supporting Option 1 – Restricting the storage of RV’s and large vehicles.

Unfortunately, those of us that want to see the existing code strengthened and enforced were under-represented at the meeting where I was the only one to speak out for Option 1. See more details by clicking HERE.

The Text Amendment was on the Planning & Zoning commission Agenda – on September 13, 2022! With the City only publishing the agenda about 24 hours in advance, it was difficult to muster much support at the meeting, but I spoke in favor of Option 1 and 4 people spoke in favor of Option 3. Due to questions regarding some wording of Option 3, the topic was tabled and continued to the next meeting on October 11th.

More details are HERE.

P&Z Meeting to Introduce Proposed Code Amendments – On July 12th the Planning And Zoning Commission meets in a study session to introduce three (3) variations of the existing City Code that governs the storage of “equipment” in side and rear yards of residential properties within the City.

Since the topic has been designated a “study session” no action can or will be taken on these three (3) proposals, but rather, open the subject to the formal process of future public hearings, debate, and the construction of the final form of an ordinance by the P&Z Commission to be brought to the City Council for ratification.

If you want to see the three proposals and background along with my commentary and analysis click HERE.

P&Z NEWS – The Planning and Zoning Commission met yesterday, June 14th, 2022, but did not put the Parking Code on the agenda. Now, they expect to hear the case at their July 12th meeting. For the details about why, as I know them, click HERE!

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