Get It Now While It’s On Sale

Ya gotta love entrepreneurial spirit! I was getting ready to do a little cooking this morning and I removed an item from my freezer that was double wrapped in plastic bags. While the item was in perfect condition after defrosting, I noticed that the outer bag had some of that classic “freezer smell” that also sometimes pervades ice cubes and seems to be very common, judging from the number of articles I found about it on the Net.

I Googled “Freezer Smell,” and did, indeed, find a lot of suggestions, many of which I was already familiar with, but some with new ideas for me to try, like “pure vanilla” in a little container on the refrigerator side. (Most modern side-by-side units “share” the cold air between both sides, so this should work.)

Anyhow, back to the blatant, shameless, carpet bombing of internet advertising. I found this among the sponsored ads along with my search results;

Freezer Smell

At this big of a discount, I just may want to buy more! Better yet, maybe I can sell some of mine on eBay.

Tell ’em I sent ya!