My Response to EQUIFAX Email

Updated with reply from Equifax below  – 3/8/18


Yesterday, I received an email form Equifax, the company that leaked sensitive “personally identifiable” information about 143 or more MILLION American consumers into the wild. The email was written in a chatty “personal” style and was purportedly from “Nancy B.” an Equifax employee, giving advice on things to do to keep my credit secure when “life gets Busy.” I would have included Nancy’s picture in this post, but, of course, their email is copyrighted.

Thanks, Nancy, but if you really cared, how come the return email address is “”? More platitudes and a picture of a comely woman in the header to make it feel all wonderful and comfortable. Well, giving me advice on how you keep your credit secure, Nancy, is really nice, but woefully empty.

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