143 Million More Victims Join The Ranks

September 2017

Updated 2/25/2018 – I responded to an Equifax “fluff” email. I suggest you do too. Read it HERE please.

Updated 9/28/2017 – New developments added at end of this article.

Updated 9/29/2017 – More things to worry about and how to protect yourself from them regarding your TAXES. New info 2/25/18.

This is the longest article I have ever written for this blog – I apologize that it’s not exciting and full of cool pictures. It’s dry, potentially boring, and really important information for you to know. Please read it.

Equifax spilled the beans. I mean, ALL the beans. One Hundred and Forty-Three Million pots of beans. YOUR beans to be exact.

By now, news articles about big data companies being hacked are unnervingly common, but Equifax? One of the “Big Three” credit monitoring institutions in the world left the gate open. What’s worse, is that they had the opportunity to lock the gate months before someone walked in and just helped themselves to YOUR personal, private, critical, personally identifying information. They were warned that their systems were vulnerable, notified that a patch was available, and just stood by and did nothing.

Then, they waited months before telling 143 Million potential victims that their data was “in the wild,” and watching their stock value plummet from $142 to $95. Months, during which some of their corporate executives dumped $1.8 Million worth of their personal Equifax holdings. But, they say they weren’t aware of the data breach when they sold. And, I trust them! Don’t you?

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