Get It Now While It’s On Sale

Ya gotta love entrepreneurial spirit! I was getting ready to do a little cooking this morning and I removed an item from my freezer that was double wrapped in plastic bags. While the item was in perfect condition after defrosting, I noticed that the outer bag had some of that classic “freezer smell” that also sometimes pervades ice cubes and seems to be very common, judging from the number of articles I found about it on the Net.

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Hearty Dinner With a Bonus

Because some of you have asked for more food, here’s another recipe that  not only satisfies on a number of levels, but this big batch almost assures some leftovers that get even better when allowed to rest for a day or two. The Germans call that “Ziehen,” which translates to “draw,” as in drawing the flavor out of the ingredients. Also, it gets you to hunt for a fabulous spice blend, common in Morocco, that you will use again and again once you taste what it can do for a dish. So, continue reading for the recipe, and a bunch of additional information. Continue reading “Hearty Dinner With a Bonus”

OK, Let’s Make Lunch

For my first cooking post, I’m going a little out on a limb, considering the main ingredient. You see, it’s a food that doesn’t have a very favorable reputation among average diners. Most people I have talked to about it said that they were put off by the smell, and because of that, never tasted it. Well, this recipe mellows both the smell and the taste, elevating it to new heights on the palate.

Kimchi Soup Bowls 2

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Old Schwinn Bikes – Updated 1/2017 – New Project Done


There is , to me, a certain satisfaction in making old things work like new again. Although I know a few people who have performed near miracles restoring old cars, that has proven to be way out of my league. But nearly anyone with patience, a little time, and a strong interest can relive a little of the past by restoring or refurbishing some of their old favorite bicycles from their past. Since I started my mechanical career working in a bicycle store, I decided to resurrect a few of the old Schwinns that had been in storage for many years.

This is sort of an introductory article about my Schwinn hobby, but since it was published, so many more interesting bikes and I have crossed paths. Hence, I have devoted an entire page to bicycles and their refurbishment and restoration. If you are interested in more depth, just click HERE!

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Windows 10 “Insider” Program – Updated Again Sept. 2018

This Is now Mostly “Old Hat.”

A quick addition regarding my biggest complaints regarding Windows 10 has been added to the top of the article starts on the next page.

I have removed all the really old comments about my transition to Windows 10 when it was first offered to a small group of Beta testers, as all that news has gone completely stale. This article will only contain occasional updates regarding new builds, and then only if I experience a major new feature, addition, or crash.

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What a DEAL! – Post Updated – New Information

Just a two sentence update – The now 4 year-old LED garage shoplights have been working perfectly so far, so if you have not jumped onto the LED shoplight bandwagon, I suggest you do it soon. They are so much better than the old dim fluorescent lights.

I have been slowly converting almost all of my home lighting to LED sources. Now, while there are some things you have to get used to compared to incandescent or fluorescent  bulbs, the many advantages tilt the scales for me in favor of making the switch. Read on if you want to see how I vastly improved my garage workspace. Continue reading “What a DEAL! – Post Updated – New Information”